Woodlawn High School

Woodlawn Panthers Athletics Policy

Woodlawn Panthers Athletics Policy

Woodlawn High Athletics’ Mission Statement

The mission of the Prince Andrew High School Athletic Department is to create an
environment that maximizes student participation, supports academic progress and
promotes physical and social development. It is expected that all student-athletes
display competitive spirit, exhibit good sportsmanship, and exemplary character
throughout the year.

Woodlawn High Athletic Code of Conduct:

• It is expected that all athletes will abstain from performance enhancing drugs as
well as illegal drugs including alcohol and tobacco products, and demonstrate
respect for diversity among participants as it relates to race relations, crosscultural
understanding and human rights.
• All athletes must be under 19 years of age as of Sept. 30th of the current school
year and are eligible for three consecutive years of competition beginning with
their first year of high school (grade 10).
• Athletes agree to commit to a team and attend team practices, games, exhibition
games, tournaments and meetings for the full and complete season. Athletes
who choose to withdraw from a team must notify the coach and Athletic
• The sport “in season” has priority over all other sports, practices or meetings.
• An athlete must remain in good standing at all times within Prince Andrew High
School. This includes the school year leading up to, during the sport, and after
the sport season has concluded. Failure to do so may prohibit trying out for and
participating on future teams. See terms of Good Standing Below…
• Student athletes are reminded all school rules apply at all school sponsored
activities. This includes games, practices, tournaments etc. both at school and
away from school. Student athletes must be present in school during the day
to participate in an extracurricular activity unless approved by the
administration prior to the event.
• A review committee monitors athlete academic standing, their attendance at
school, as well as their ability to responsibly adhere to the guidelines and
expectations as listed in our student handbook. Failure to remain in good
standing may result in a student athlete being placed on temporary probation,
being temporarily suspended from a team or permanent removal from active
participation and involvement with a team.

Athletic Fee and Uniform/Equipment Deposit Cheque:

The appropriate uniform deposit cheque must be paid to your coach / advisor prior to the
first game. The amount will be determined by the various programs. The uniform deposit
cheque is held in trust and will be returned to the athlete at the end of the season when
all uniforms and equipment are returned. If they are not returned within fourteen days of
the end of the playing season, the cheque will be cashed. Cheques should be made out
to “Prince Andrew High School”
• Uniforms and equipment that belongs to the school will be assigned to students
for their use. Uniforms are not to be worn to school as general clothing and must
be returned immediately following the end of the sport season. Athlete deposit
cheques will be cashed to pay the replacement cost for any lost or unreturned
uniform or equipment item.
• The athlete fee payment schedule will be set at the first parent meeting. If
payments are not made on the scheduled dates, then the athlete will be ineligible
to play until payments are up to date. The athletic fee payment is non refundable
after the athlete plays one game!
• The Prince Andrew student fee must be paid at the beginning of the year and is a
separate fee different from the athletic fees. This fee registers a student within
our school. No student is permitted to play on school sports teams or clubs
without paying the school student fee. Any student who is unable to afford school
fees or athletic fees should see your Vice Principal or the Athletic Director to make


• HRCE encourages staff and coaches to use buses whenever possible but
recognizes there will be times when private vehicles will be used. Many of our
larger teams do uses buses but it is not always practical for smaller teams. We
have been fortunate at Prince Andrew to have many supportive parents and staff
who volunteer to transport students in their personal vehicles. HRSB insurance
covers the use of private vehicles for adults providing you complete a “J” form
(explains vehicle requirements) and return it to the school administration office.
Coaches and advisors are encouraged to use private vehicles for evening and
weekend games when possible.
• It is the responsibility of the school to arrange for transportation from school.
Parents are asked to pick up their son/daughter for the return trip home.
Students are not permitted to transport other students from school or from
home to a extra-curricular event.
• Parent volunteers may transport students to and from a extra-curricular event
providing that they have the necessary “J” form paperwork filed with the school
for the current school year. We greatly appreciate the support from our parents
and volunteers over the years. Thank you!
• Transportation Guidelines as per HRSB Transportation Policy
Inclement Weather:
When school is cancelled due to HRSB school closure, ALL practices and games
scheduled for that day are cancelled.
When school buses are cancelled for the day, ALL practices and games scheduled for
that day are cancelled.

Athletic Injuries:

Please understand there is potential risk for injury involved in participation in any athletic
competition, we try to create a safe and controlled environment for safe participation.
Rules for conduct are established and should be followed.
There is a danger of:
• Collision with other participants/or objects in the gym.
• Injury to eyes, teeth, face, head or other body parts.
• Bruises, sprains, cuts, scrapes, breaks, dislocations and spinal cord injuries.
• Exertion and stretching of various muscle groups.
• Vigorous physical exertion, rapid movements and quick turns.
• Strenuous cardiovascular workouts

Notice of risk:

Some forms of athletic competition involve rigorous physical contact among students,
the use of equipment which may result in accidents, strenuous physical exertion, and
other exposures to risk injury. Students will be instructed in the proper techniques to be
used in practice and competition and the proper use of equipment and facilities.
However, you are advised that instruction, precaution and proper equipment may not
prevent some accidents resulting in serious, traumatic injury.
Note: In the event of a possible serious injury, the coach or advisor will call for an

Football/Rugby specific:

• Tackle football and rugby are contact sports that may lead to contact-related
injuries more so than other sports. Parents need to understand this.
• It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the child’s fitness and health and must
assure that their children are emotionally and physically able to sustain the rigors
of a full contact game, practice or workout session as members of a tackle team.
• Players must comply with all safety protocol and instruction on contact in Football
and Ruby. Non-compliance will result in the inability to play or practice at the
coaches’ and/or athletic department’s discretion.

Reporting Injury:

If your son/daughter is injured during a game or practice, make sure that the staff
advisor is made aware so they will fill out an injury report of the event. Please visit sip.ca
for all guidelines regarding the process of starting a claim. A claim must be started within
30 days of the injury.


Good Standing Behaviour:

The role of a student athlete at Prince Andrew is a privilege. Athletes are expected to be
leaders in our school environment. Any abuse of these expectations may result in
disciplinary actions up to and including suspension from your team.
Students who have been suspended from school( or on in school suspension) will not be
permitted to participate in any extracurricular activities including games, practices and all
team events until the suspension is over and the student has returned to regular classes.
Any student who received a suspension could be asked to meet with the review
committee to determine whether he/she will continue participating on the team or in the
extracurricular activity.


For a student athlete at Prince Andrew to maintain the privilege of participation, they
must attend all classes. A student/athlete must be present in school during the day to
participate in an extracurricular activity unless approved by the administration prior to the


A student failing one course will be placed on academic probation for two weeks. During
this time, the student is assigned a teacher advisor who will monitor the student’s
progress. The student is required to seek and attend extra help from their teachers and
report his/her efforts and attendance to the assigned teacher advisor. During this time,
students failing one course will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. After
two weeks, the student will have a meeting with the review committee to discuss
academic progress. If the student is in good standing, they will be taken off academic
probation. If at the end of the probation period, significant progress has not occurred
they will be placed on academic suspension.