Woodlawn High School

Student Athletic Review Committee (SARC)

Student Athletic Review Committee (SARC)

The Student Athletic Review Committee exists to review any problems that come to its
attention. The committee ensures that the above standards are followed so that staff,
coaches, and students are supported in their extracurricular activities through a
consultation process. After all aspects of a situation have been examined, the Committee
will forward its recommendation to administration for appropriate action.
At mid-term in the second semester, the committee has the option to further review an
academic situation if there is improvement that is accepted by the committee.

Committee Members

Craig Campbell - Principal - ccampbell@hrce.ca
Kelly Cooper - Vice Principal A-K - Cooperk@hrce.ca
Dan MacDonald - Registrar / Mathematics - Daniel.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Anthony Williams - AD / PE 10-12 - WilliamsA@hrce.ca


Questions - contact our Athletic Director

Athletic Director

Anthony Williams
31 Woodlawn Rd
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 2R7
Phone: (902) 435-8452 (ext 4101009)
Email: williamsa@hrce.ca