Woodlawn High School

Staff Directory

The school telephone number is (902) 435-8452. Dial this number followed by the extension below to reach a staff member.

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Simmonds, Fenton African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker ext. 4101036 FSimmonds@hrce.ca
Beardsworth, Becky APSEA becky_beardsworth@apsea.ca
Tobin, Megan Assistant Leader - Schools Plus 902-240-1148 megan.tobin@hrce.ca
McGill, Stephanie Cafeteria ext. 4101033
Taoum, John Caretaker ext. 4101017
James, Andre Custodian ext. 4101017
Beland, Klaire Custodian ext. 4101017
Tia, Hue Custodian ext. 4101017
Plaza, Orley Custodian ext. 4101017
Eddy, Nina EAL - English as an Additional Language ext. 4101014 neddy@hrce.ca
Sullivan, Tracey EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101005 tracey.sullivan@hrce.ca
Shears, Michele EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101008 michele.shears@hrce.ca
Burrell, Marie EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 mburrell@hrce.ca
Johnson, Pamela EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 PJohnson@hrce.ca
Colley, Chelsea EPA - Learning Centre 4101005 chelsea.colley@hrce.ca
Maughan, Lynn EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 LMaughan@hrce.ca
Vasileva, Maria EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101005 Website
Julian, Kayla EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 kayla.julian@hrce.ca
Miller, Debbie EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 DMiller@hrce.ca
Scheifele, Amie EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101005 ascheifele@hrce.ca
Priest, Josh EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101105 jpriest@hrce.ca
Bond, Rachel EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101005 rachael.bond@hrce.ca
Pothier, Jacqueline Homestay Coordinator jpothier@hrce.ca
Lewis, Natasha Indigenous Student Support Worker ext. 4101034 natasha.lewis@hrce.ca
Connor, Angela Library Support Specialist ext. 4101028 aconnor@hrce.ca Website
Martin-Wells, Jennifer School Psychologist ext. 4101220 JMartin-Wells@hrce.ca
Dollimont, Jillian School Social Worker jdollimont@hrce.ca
Jenkins, Lori SLD ext. 4101222 jenkinsl@hrce.ca
Hebert-Moore, Michelle Speech Pathologist MHebert-Moore@hrce.ca
Simmons, Lenora Student Monitor ext. 4101000
Rogers, Cara Student Monitor ext. 4101000
Sponagle, Katie Youth Health Centre ext. 4101219 katie.sponagle@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Casey, Margaret Business / Social Studies ext. 4101203 mcasey@hrce.ca
Mullally, Mark Business / Social Studies ext. 4101213 mmullally@hrce.ca
Keramaris, Maria Business / Social Studies / IB Coordinator ext. 4101207 MKeramaris@hrce.ca
Chiasson, John Business / Social Studies / O2 Co-ordinator 4101117 john.chiasson@hrce.ca
Denike, David Business / Social Studies / O2 Co-ordinator ext. 4101115 ddenike@hrce.ca
Stewart, Ron Business / Social Studies Department Head / Co-op Co-ordinator ext. 4101013 rstewart@hrce.ca
Amiro, Kristen Business Social Studies / IB Coordinator ext. 4101214 kamiro@hrce.ca
Thibault, Amanda Fine Arts ext. 4101234 athibault@hrce.ca
Hollingshead, Erin Fine Arts ext. 4101225 erin.hollingshead@hrce.ca
Hann, Brittany Fine Arts ext. 4101218 hannb@hrce.ca
Allen, Heather Fine Arts ext. 4101225 hallen@hrce.ca
Emberley, Christine Fine Arts ext. 4101221 cemberley@hrce.ca
Redmond, Peter Fine Arts / Technology ext. 4101126 predmond@hrce.ca
Williams, Anthony Fine Arts / Technology / Athletic Director ext. 4101009 WilliamsA@hrce.ca
Hennigar, Dan Fine Arts / Technology / Department Head ext. 4101020 dhennigar@hrce.ca Website
Thibault, Rhea Languages ext. 4101224 rthibault@hrce.ca
Bowness, Tatiana Languages ext. 4101120 tatiana.bowness@hrce.ca
Thomas, Bennett Languages ext. 4101118 bennett.thomas@hrce.ca
Moriarty, Matthew Languages ext. 4101220 mmoriarty@hrce.ca Website
Savoury, Mark Languages ext. 4101120 msavoury@hrce.ca
Doucette, Joe Languages ext. 4101210 joe.doucette@hrce.ca
St. Pierre, Rodney Languages ext. 4101211 St.PierreR@hrce.ca
Dempsey, Roy Languages / Department Head ext. 4101119 rdempsey@hrce.ca
Kiley, Gordon Mathematics ext. 4101011 gkiley@hrce.ca
Phelps, David Mathematics ext. 4101215 dphelps@hrce.ca
Clancey, Rebecca Mathematics ext. 4101201 rebecca.clancey@hrce.ca
Brown, Frank Mathematics ext. 4101204 brownf@hrce.ca
Cooper, Sheena Mathematics ext. 4101234 Sheena.Cooper@hrce.ca
Fralick, Kimberly Mathematics ext. 4101209 kfralick@hrce.ca Website
Harrington, Jacqueline Mathematics ext. 4101205 jharrington@hrce.ca Website
Serieys, Matthew Mathematics ext. 4101202 mserieys@hrce.ca
Skinner, Danielle Mathematics / Department Head ext. 4101206 dskinner@hrce.ca Website
Miller, Emily Phys Ed and Mathematics 902-435-8452 e.miller@gnspes.ca
Van Veen, Janet Science ext. 4101217 JVanveen@hrce.ca
Patterson, Shannon Science ext. 4101216 pattersons@hrce.ca
Barry, Richard Science ext. 4101231 rbarry@hrce.ca
Grandy, Wanda Science ext. 4101212 wanda.grandy@hrce.ca
Jamieson, Mike Science ext. 4101230 mjamieson@hrce.ca
Sweetapple, Mark Science / Department Head ext. 4101229 msweetapple@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Cathy Student Services ext. 4101232 Catherine.Macdonald@hrce.ca
Maclachlan, Shelley Student Services ext. 4101232 smaclachlan@hrce.ca
Craig, Scott Student Services ext. 4101102 scraig@hrce.ca
Chadwick, Kurt Student Services ext. 4101108 kchadwick@hrce.ca
Martell, Lorelei Student Services / Department Head ext. 4101105 lmartell@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Meunier, Amanda Main Office Admin Assistant ext. 4101000 amanda.meunier@hrce.ca
Campbell, Craig Principal ext. 4101001 ccampbell@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Dan Registrar ext. 4101005 Daniel.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Williams, Danita School Counsellor - Students A-K - Student Services ext. 4101006 danita.williams@hrce.ca
Dempster, Lara School Counsellor - Students L-Z - Student Services ext. 4101007 ldempster@hrce.ca
Crooks, Simone Student Services Admin Assistant ext. 4101004 scrooks@hrce.ca
Cooper, Kelly Vice Principal A - K ext. 4101003 cooperk@hrce.ca
Rushton, Joanne Vice Principal L - Z ext. 4101002 jrushton@hrce.ca