Woodlawn High School

Staff Directory

The school telephone number is (902) 435-8452. Dial this number followed by the extension below to reach a staff member.

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abbass, Frances Languages / Department Head ext. 4101118 fabbass@hrce.ca
Allen, Heather Fine Arts ext. 4101225 hallen@hrce.ca
Barry, Richard Science ext. 4101231 rbarry@hrce.ca
Bowness, Tatiana Languages ext. 4101120 tatiana.bowness@hrce.ca
Brown, Frank Mathematics ext. 4101204 brownf@hrce.ca
Bruce-MacTavish, Kathryn Fine Arts ext. 4101226 KBruce-Mactavish@hrce.ca
Casey, Margaret Business / Social Studies ext. 4101203 mcasey@hrce.ca
Chadwick, Kurt Student Services ext. 4101102 kchadwick@hrce.ca
Clancey, Rebecca Mathematics ext. 4101201 rebecca.clancey@hrce.ca
Cooper, Sheena Mathematics ext. 4101234 Sheena.Cooper@hrce.ca
Corbin, Jillian Fine Arts ext. 4101218 jcorbin@hrce.ca
Denike, David Business / Social Studies / O2 Co-ordinator ext. 4101115 ddenike@hrce.ca
Dexter, Lisa Student Services ext. 4101108 ldexter@hrce.ca
Emberley, Christine Fine Arts ext. 4101112 cemberley@hrce.ca
Fralick, Kimberly Mathematics ext. 4101209 kfralick@hrce.ca Website
Giffin, Tracy Languages / IB Coordinator ext. 4101015 tgiffin@hrce.ca
Gillie, Michelle Languages ext. 4101119 michelle.gillie@hrce.ca
Harrington, Jacqueline Mathematics ext. 4101205 jharrington@hrce.ca Website
Hennigar, Dan Fine Arts / Technology / Department Head ext. 4101020 dhennigar@hrce.ca Website
Jamieson, Mike Science ext. 4101230 mjamieson@hrce.ca
Keramaris, Maria Business / Social Studies / IB Coordinator ext. 4101207 MKeramaris@hrce.ca
Kiley, Gordon Mathematics ext. 4101011 gkiley@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Cathy Student Services ext. 4101232 Catherine.Macdonald@hrce.ca
Maclachlan, Shelley Student Services ext. 4101232 smaclachlan@hrce.ca
Martell, Lorelei Student Services / Department Head ext. 4101105 lmartell@hrce.ca
McCoy, Ryan Science ext. 4101212 ryan.mccoy@hrce.ca
Moriarty, Matthew Business / Social Studies / Languages ext. 4101220 mmoriarty@hrce.ca Website
Mullally, Mark Business / Social Studies ext. 4101213 mmullally@hrce.ca
Patterson, Shannon Science ext. 4101216 pattersons@hrce.ca
Phelps, David Mathematics ext. 4101202 dphelps@hrce.ca
Redmond, Peter Fine Arts / Technology / Matematics ext. 4101126 predmond@hrce.ca
Savoury, Mark Languages ext. 4101120 msavoury@hrce.ca
Sichel, Ben Languages ext. 4101214 bsichel@hrce.ca
Skinner, Danielle Mathematics / Department Head ext. 4101206 dskinner@hrce.ca Website
St. Pierre, Rodney Languages ext. 4101211 St.PierreR@hrce.ca
Stewart, Ron Business / Social Studies Department Head / Co-op Co-ordinator ext. 4101013 rstewart@hrce.ca
Sweetapple, Mark Science / Department Head ext. 4101229 msweetapple@hrce.ca
Thomas, Bennett Languages ext. 4101117 bennett.thomas@hrce.ca
Van Veen, Janet Science ext. 4101217 JVanveen@hrce.ca
Williams, Anthony Fine Arts / Technology / Student Services / Athletic Director ext. 4101009 WilliamsA@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Beardsworth, Becky APSEA becky_beardsworth@apsea.ca
Beland, Klaire Custodian ext. 4101017
Burrell, Marie EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 mburrell@hrce.ca
Chiddenton, Charlene Cafeteria ext. 4101033
Connor, Angela Library Support Specialist ext. 4101028 aconnor@hrce.ca Website
Cox, Dan EPA - Learning Center ext. 4101008 dcox@hrce.ca
Hebert-Moore, Michelle Speech Pathologist MHebert-Moore@hrce.ca
James, Andre Custodian ext. 4101017
Jenkins, Lori SLD ext. 4101222 jenkinsl@hrce.ca
Johnson, Pamela EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 PJohnson@hrce.ca
Julian, Kayla EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 kayla.julian@hrce.ca
Langille, James EAL - Newcomers ext. 4101119 james.langille@hrce.ca
Lewis, Natasha Indigenous Student Support Worker ext. 4101034 natasha.lewis@hrce.ca
MacFarlane, Nicole Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-240-1148 nmacfarlane@hrce.ca
Martin-Wells, Jennifer School Psychologist ext. 4101220 JMartin-Wells@hrce.ca
Maughan, Lynn EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 LMaughan@hrce.ca
McDonald, Mike EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 William.McDonald@hrce.ca
McGill, Stephanie Cafeteria ext. 4101033
Miller, Debbie EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101108 DMiller@hrce.ca
Pedvis, Cindy School Social Worker 902-430-4713 cpedvis@hrce.ca
Peters, Robyn EAL - English as an Additional Language ext. 4101112 rpeters@hrce.ca
Plaza, Orley Custodian ext. 4101017
Pothier, Jacqueline Homestay Coordinator jpothier@hrce.ca
Rogers, Cara Student Monitor ext. 4101000
Rose, Davy Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-225-2632 davy.rose@hrce.ca
Simmonds, Fenton African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker ext. 4101036 FSimmonds@hrce.ca
Simmons, Lenora Student Monitor ext. 4101000
Sponagle, Katie Youth Health Centre ext. 4101219 katie.sponagle@hrce.ca
Sullivan, Tracey EPA - Learning Centre ext. 4101008 tracey.sullivan@hrce.ca
Taoum, John Caretaker ext. 4101017
Tia, Hue Custodian ext. 4101017


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Campbell, Craig Principal ext. 4101001 ccampbell@hrce.ca
Cooper, Kelly Vice Principal A - K ext. 4101003 cooperk@hrce.ca
Cribb, Courtney School Counsellor - Students in Grade 11 L-Z and all Grade 12 students - Student Services ext. 4101007 ccribb@hrce.ca
Crooks, Simone Student Services Admin Assistant ext. 4101004 scrooks@hrce.ca
Dempster, Lara School Counsellor - All students in Grade 10 and Grade 11 students A-K - Student Services ext. 4101006 ldempster@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Dan Registrar ext. 4101005 Daniel.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Meunier, Amanda Main Office Admin Assistant ext. 4101000 amanda.meunier@hrce.ca
Rushton, Joanne Vice Principal L - Z ext. 4101002 jrushton@hrce.ca