Prince Andrew High School

Credit Rescue and Student Support

Credit Rescue and Student Support for January 2020

Leading up to exams students and families should note support available for students at PA. Students are encouraged to engage in support which is available each day during every block and lunch time.

Grade 10 students can access lunchtime help through Peer-Tutoring every day, Credit Rescue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch. Math help Mondays through Fridays,  and should consult teachers for further direction or details.

Grade 11 and 12 students can access support during Study/Off blocks for Math in the Math Support Room (Rm 101) in A,B, and D blocks,  at lunch Monday through Thursday though the Math Department, and  Credit Rescue in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

English and Social Studies help can be accessed in the In School Support Room (Rm. 213) during all blocks where teachers are ready to help  students get organized  and help with work completion. As well, there is support  first block every  morning in the Writing Center.

Please see the attached schedule for a visual reminder of how students can access support.