Prince Andrew High School

eReport Cards are now an option!

All parents/guardians and students will have access to an electronic eReport Card. This can be accessed through the Student-Parent Portal. Paper report cards will continue to be distributed to those who wish to continue to receive them.

This environmentally friendly option provides direct access to the electronic version of the report card as soon as they become available to students and parents/guardians on the Student-Parent Portal. You no longer need to worry about misplacing your child’s report card as all the information will be available on the Portal throughout the school year.

If you already have a Parent Portal account and wish to only receive the eReport Card, you can do so by either of the following methods:
1. Contact us at the school and inform us that you wish to only receive the online eReport Card. (902)435-8452 ext 6
2. Log in to the Parent Portal, click on the eReport Card link,
and then check the box indicating that you no longer require a printed copy of the report card since you will access the eReport Cards on the Portal as they become available.

We encourage all parents/guardians to go green and request the paperless option for report cards.